Piece O’ NYC: Getting Away

We follow a serious trend among city dwellers: we leave. We get away from the city at least once a year. We used to do this for vacation and fun, but now we travel because we really need to separate ourselves from the stress of NYC. (We’ve also gotten incredibly lucky with various opportunities and have collectively visited ten different countries and all but two continents.)

That said, I am PETRIFIED of flying. I don’t know what changed — for years I was ok and swell with flying, but now I have to take panic attack pills… So, the flights I take have to be non-stop to help reduce opportunities for me to freak out. Fortunately, due to the three large airports around us, we have a lot of non-stop flight options. And this year we’re enjoying Turks and Caicos (yes, there’s a non-stop flight to this tiny island! YIPPEEE!!!).


FullSizeRender 3


If you visit, please go to Da Conch Shack. I fell in love with conch because of this place.

FullSizeRender 2

FullSizeRender 4

Colorful doors always make me think of Becky.

FullSizeRender 5

If you stay at the Grace Bay Club, ask about the Beach Buffets. Jeff had five servings of food and I had to roll him off of the sand…he was so happy.


Jeff and I have been having fun with hobie cats and the crystal clear water. We’re staying at the Grace Bay Club and I really don’t want to ever go home. Next year’s trip is already planned too, and it’s going to be super memorable. Jeff and I are ‘surprising’ Becky and Steve with a trip. They know it’s coming, but they don’t know the destination or details ;p. Help them guess! We’re not revealing it until Christmas.

6 thoughts on “Piece O’ NYC: Getting Away

  1. I’m the same with flying, though thankfully I’m getting better. I always find I’m better with the flight home, though I think only because I’ve had time to relax, whereas the outbound flight is always full of stress on top of life stress I’ve not managed to leave at home. I’m still waiting for the day we can teleport or something, get rid of flying completely!


    • I love hearing this. I often feel alone with this fear. It’s amazing how many people don’t have any issues flying! And yeah, science needs to hurry up and create that teleporting machine!


  2. Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos of a place I am sure I will never get to visit. Have to do my traveling vicariously. I am so envious. Thanks again. Penny


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