Piece O’ NYC: Christmas in July

It’s July! Happy 4th! Jeff and I don’t usually do anything unique for the 4th other than make a good southern meal. This year it’s home fries with pulled chicken sandwiches and a fruit salad. I miss my parents’ ribs and bbq, but this is a nice substitute when you don’t have a grill…
July is hot as heck in the city. I miss the Texas heat this time of year, because Sherman always had downright dry heat. NYC has humidity along with heat. It’s gross — it’s makes the subways smell gross, it makes my hair do gross things … everything.is.gross.I run like a banshee in the mornings to work so I can get there before the humidity meets the sun and they claim subways and then me. Enough about heat though, let’s take a minute to think about a colder time of year (which we’re really familiar with in the Northeast) and talk about the holidays! I LOVE Christmas. I could keep holiday decorations up all year ’round. No joke you guys, I’m a Christmas freak. I have a bazillion Christmas quilts to request of Becky … though I think she’s essentially put up her white flag after making me that last Christmas pillow.

Fortunately, the city really sparkles and transforms during the holidays. You’ll spot random Christmas trees up in places, even on the sidewalks, and tons of holiday decor everywhere. So, if you ever visit during the holidays (starting from Thanksgiving to January 1), this is what I highly recommend you do — please note, they’re super touristy things, but I love doing them all!!!

  • See the Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade. Jeff and I act like kids on Thanksgiving morning: we wake up excited for the food we’ll he’ll make and then we drink lots of coffee and head over to the parade to at least catch the Hello Kitty float go by (I have no float preference but that one because, you know, it’s a cat and it’s cute). Then (here’s the best part!), we come home and I put up my (fake) Christmas tree — YAY!!!!!!! *insert pity face for Jeff who hates helping me with this while we he cooks everything*IMG_8236 IMG_8228
  • Go see the Christmas Spectacular. I thought I’d hate it, but in fact, I’ll go for the rest of my life if I can. Nothing beats floating snowflakes, mass amounts of sequins, and ‘happy’ holiday singers! If you can’t deal with the Rockettes (like Jeff), go see the Nutcracker at Lincoln Center (even he likes this one). Here’s a good, and SUPER easy, way to locate cheaper tickets or discount codes – Google them! I just typed in ‘discount code for Christmas Spectacular’ last year in Google and BOOM, cheaper tickets (who knew!)!


  • Go to Rockefeller Center to see “The Tree.” The biggest tree in America comes to town, and across the street from it Saks Fifth Avenue will usually do some sort of light show as an accompaniment. Here’s a tip – they put the tree up around Thanksgiving and even if it’s unlit, it’s still great. Go see it the Wednesday night before Thanksgiving at like 8 to 9pm after you’ve gone up the Top of the Rock for a night view of the city. No one is around!

IMG_8324xmas1 copy

  • Go ice skating. But I recommend you doing it at the ice skating rink that pops up in Bryant Park each year. It’s quieter, often cheaper, and the Park hosts a fun Holiday market. We grab hot apple ciders from a booth close to the Library and head to the ice (well, Jeff does because I’m too scared to skate…I’m also clumsy, so it works well for me).

Jeff and Ella testing out the rink back in 2013!

  • Grab the only souvenirs and gifts you need from the Holidays Markets. One of the best ones is at Grand Central – pretty venue, lovely gifts. Another good one is at Union Square.

6 thoughts on “Piece O’ NYC: Christmas in July

  1. I live in Fl. so I feel your pain with the humidity….except we are treated to it all year long. Love the RC Christmas spectacular, only I havent seen it since the 60’s when I lived in NY, as a kid. Radio City ALWAYS had movies, then a stage show, back then.

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  2. I also like the market up near Columbus Circle. I give those vendors so much credit for staying outdoors!
    I love the city at Christmas. I turn into a big kid. I can’t wait until we have a chance to take our grandson to the Spectacular.

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