Selfies from today…

We moved from Barcelona to Costa Brava today, with a stop in Girona where we toured the  city, saw ruins, shopped, ate and too photos. We are tourists and I’m embracing it!

This are things I’m learning about selfies: I like myself in my glasses, and wearing a hat.


It’s nice to have a fun background, and even better if Steve and I can keep our heads in the right place so that one of us does not have the big head.


Even better when we get a good photo bomb (thank you Jeff!).


Jeff is also teaching me that it’s better to hold the camera high and off to one side. I’ll do that from now on. He also showed me how to hold the phone so that I don’t drop it and have more control when I press the button. Kids, they know so much!


And then there was my famous gelato selfie series! I got the chocolate finger at Rocambolesc and it was wonderful! Celia got the blueberry Darth Vader. I’m pretty sure mine was better, because… chocolate!


Steve had mojito gelato in a cup… also very good, but less exciting.


At this point I have given up posting everything that has happened in the day. For one thing, it’s 11PM again and I haven’t had a chance to download today’s photos!!! Vacationing is hard work. Instead, you’ll see what I can show while I’m still in Spain and then you’ll see a lot more over the next few weeks. Spain is one of the most visually interesting places I’ve been so there is lots to share. You should come here yourself!