My screen door is up!

I painted my screen door and the dowels on Thursday. I like the design of this door – you can take out the whole screen part which makes painting a lot easier. 

Steve had some time today, Sunday, to hang the door. Things like this always take more time than they should. The door was a little too big for the space so we spent time planing and sanding. Well, Steve mostly did that and I held the door while he did it. I drilled out the ends of the dowels and Steve screwed them to the door. I have tendonitis in my elbow which makes using a screwdriver harder so I was happy that he volunteered to do it!

And here you can see the door in place. The dowels are on the inside of the door. They are spaced 4″ apart and I think that will keep the cats from destroying the screen. There’s a big piece of wire mesh on the outside bottom half that will protect the screen on that side. I got the spring on and pulls the door shut with a resounding thwack!

1 thought on “My screen door is up!

  1. The climate in which you live will certainly affect your choice of screen door. If you live in an area that receives large amounts of sunlight, you'll want to choose a screen material that blocks heat but allows plenty of light to come in, such as vinyl-coated fiberglass.


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