About Becky Goldsmith

I am a quilt designer/teacher/author, a wife/mother/grandmother, and certified yoga instructor who is searching for balance, strength, and happiness in all things.

Show and tell…

Gail Rowland wrote to say:

I wanted to email you long before now. I truly enjoyed making this quilt with all my heart. I’ll admit I made some errors…. The biggest was jumping in without all my fabrics selected. Some struggle in that area but learned some much. 

Thank you for designing a wonderful very versatile composition. I have seen your pattern done in many color ways with much success. I can imagine that feels so good. 

Gail’s quilt was a winner in the Dallas Quilt Show where I was a judge. Her quilt is as pretty in person as it is here! Below is a photo of the quilt wearing it’s ribbon:

Gail embroidered around many of the lighter applique shapes which helped them to be more visible against the background. It is a nice touch!

Thank you, Gail, for sharing your quilt at the show and here! FYI: the pattern is Aunt MIllie’s Garden and you can find the epattern here.

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Show and tell, Stars in the Garden…

From Marian Phelps:

I thought I would share my quilt with you.  I started it over 10 years ago in Virginia. My granddaughters would visit from Colorado every summer for several months. After work I would pick them up from the child minder and take them to the community pool. (Micky’s pool, as they called it). He was a friend who offered us free access to his community pool, his children had grown and no longer used it and he still had to pay for it as part of his homeowner’s dues.

I would bring my Stars in the Garden blocks with me to hand applique, after watching your videos, I found a sense of peace of mind and a soothing experience. 

I started to quilt it  3 months ago and hated what I did, so spent hours with my ‘quicker picker, back sewer’ taking it all out. Decided on 1 inch blocks around the applique and I had a little help!

His name is Gloomy!  I enjoy your Jim shots and thought you would enjoy mine.

Thank you Marian for sharing your beautiful quilt—and Gloomy!—with us. I am certain that I’m not the only one with a grin on my face :-). Your quilt is cheerful and beautifully made. Well done, you! And lovely that you have such nice memories woven into it. I’ll bet it is great to sleep under.

Happy stitching to you and everyone reading this post! If you are interested in the Stars in the Garden ePattern, click here.

Show and tell… Backyard Birds

Many thanks to the talented Margery Tadder who has shared her lovely quilt with us! She emailed to say:

Being a bird watcher I just had to make a Backyard Birds quilt, and what a cheery addition to my home! I love the bright colors and the happy look of it. It was fun sewing the cute birds although at age 92 my manual dexterity is not what it used to be! So, did resort to machine appliqué on a few of the tinier pieces and circles. I also turned one bird into a magpie because they are so prevalent in my neighborhood.

Margery Tadder

I love this happy quilt! The addition of the magpie is perfect, and it is well-placed. And I must add that I sincerely hope to be appliqueing when I am 92! Well done, Margery, and thank you for sharing your wonderful quilt with us!

Click here if you would like to find the Backyard Birds pattern.

Show and tell… Bullseye!

Birgitt wrote to say:

Now my Bull’s Eyes Quilt is done and I love it! I used Kaffe Fassett fabrics and therefore called it “Hommage to Kaffe Fassett”. It was a lot of fun to sew it and using your instructions, so easy. Thank you for all the good advice.

Birgitt Von Dewitz

I do love the way the white lets the light shine through the shapes. It is spectacular! Here is a back view:

Thank you, Birgitt, for sharing your lovely quilt and congratulations on the finish! Click here to go to the Bullseye book.

Show and tell…

Gail Ghiozzi just sent me this photo of the cute Dandelion kit that she recently finished. She said: “It is so CUTE!  The directions were quite detailed which enabled me to complete this level 3 Kit. I’m glad you had them on your website.” 

I agree that little Miss Dandelion is very cute and, Gail, you did a beautiful job in sewing her together. Thank you for sharing!

The kit is from Threadfollower and I do still have some of the animals on my website. If they run out, you can find more at the Threadfollower site.