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I am a wife, mother, grandmother, quilter, teacher, and author and I do my best to sprinkle happiness wherever I can.

The Mysterious Challenge Quilts

As I wrote in previous posts, my friend Susan Allen, and I challenged each other make a quilt that began with pieces of the same 40+ fabrics. We made and traded five 9″x9″, ten 6″x6″, and twenty 3″x3″ blocks. Actually, we made twice that many blocks because we each kept a set of our own. I designed an 18″x18″ applique block. Click here for the free applique pattern.

Our Mysterious Challenge Retreat started Monday morning. Susan and I both had a plan and we got to work. This is where I was Monday morning at 9:00AM.

I had made strips of 1 1/2″x1 1/2″ finished squares before I left home and that saved time.

By Monday night at 11PM I had the top finished! The tables are in the way, and the quilt itself is really lighter, but there you go.

There isn’t a pattern for this quilt but it is a medallion quilt. Here are the finished sizes of each row out from the center. A big part of the challenge is deciding what blocks you want to make.

  • 18″ Center medallion
  • 3″x3″ blocks
  • 1 1/2″x1 1/2″ squares
  • 9″x9″ blocks
  • 1 1/2″x1 1/2″ squares
  • 6″x6″ squares

Susan’s vision was to put the applique block off-center and surround it with movement and color.

I think it’s fascinating to see them together. There is no one right way to make a quilt. We each have to follow our own instincts.

On Tuesday I turned my attention to another project, making pillows from a couple of my mom’s favorite garments. One pillow is going to Carla, who was a good friend, and one to Bear.

And then I came down with a cold and sinus infection that put me in bed until today. If it had to happen, I think that was pretty good timing.

Wednesday Giveaway

Ethel Campbell is this week’s winner. She will receive a Cuticle Intensive stick from Lolo. Lightly apply Cuticle Intensive to dry cuticles, rub it in, or not. Your cracked, dry cuticles are going to look great in a very short time. It is especially nice at this time of year.

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Show and tell…

My friend, Margaret Thompson, wrote to say that she finally finished these two unicorn quilts.
She made them for Emma and Elle, two young girls close to her heart.

Aren’t they great!

Margaret started these two quilts in an independent study class I taught at Empty Spools. She knew what she wanted to make and she made them! Margaret is a finisher, even when work-life slows down her quilting life. I’m happy for you, Margaret, because I know how happy this makes you :-). Well done and thank you for sharing!

The quilts are boxed and on their way to their new home. It’s magic in a box.

Wednesday Giveaway

This week everyone is a winner! I’m giving away the pattern for this very cute basket of pears. It is from our book, Applique Delights. You can make the block in wool or cotton fabric. It can be used as an embroidery pattern or appliqued and then embellished. You can enlarge or reduce it using the chart on the pattern page. Click here to open the page where you can download the pattern.

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Show and tell…

Gabriele sent me this photo of her recently completed quilt from our book, Wool Applique the Piece O’ Cake Way. I love the way the patterned fabrics work together to set off the wool applique!

She taught a class from the book at her local quilt shop. Gabriele says: “I currently have a 12 year old and her mother. She took to applique and is already planning her next project. She is home schooled and the class can count towards math, fine arts and even history (I give a short history on each type of quilting or block in each class). I just love sharing my love of quilting.”

Well said and well sewn. Thank you, Gabriele, for sharing!

Daytona in February…

Call me crazy but isn’t the idea of quilting in Florida in February irresistible! I will definitely be there and I do hope you can join me! On Wednesday 2/26, the very first day of Daytona Quilt Week, I’m teaching a block from my Hexie Quilt Garden book. In this hand applique class I show you how to needleturn applique a pretty circle. I promise you that it is way easier than you think it will be. And see the points on the leaves? I show you how to sew those as well. Click here for more info.

For those of you who like fast and fun 3-hour classes, on the last day of the show I’m teaching a no-sew class on color. It’s a low-stress class where you learn practical concepts about color. Students always leave this class with big grins and a feeling of color confidence. Click here to find out more about the Color Class.

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Wednesday Giveaway

Lynn Bassett is this week’s winner and she will receive this Puppy Needle Nanny. It is both cute and functional! Use it to hold your needle when you aren’t actively sewing with it.

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