Applique a "wheel" off-the-block…

I’m learning new things! I found flickr and pictobrowser. Flickr is a photo sharing website. Pictobrowser works with flickr to make cool slide shows like the one below.

What I’m showing below are the steps that go into making a “wheel” off-the-block. This particular wheel is going into a smaller version of the Lorna’s Vine quilt that is in our book Amish-Inspired Quilts. This is a big wheel –  the block it goes on has a finished size of 6″ x 6″.

You will find smaller wheels in the center of the Aunt Millie’s Garden blocks. The construction technique is the same for the smaller wheels.

I wrote notes to go with each image, explaining what I’m doing in each step. Run your cursor over “Notes” on the bottom right side of the slideshow and they should show up. The window cuts off a little bit of each image, but you can grab the image with your cursor and move it around. Next time I’ll make the slideshow narrower which should eliminate this cropping problem.

I have posted this slideshow on our website with each of the books mentioned above.

13 thoughts on “Applique a "wheel" off-the-block…

  1. Thank you for the wonderful slide show… I enjoy your patterns… I just received Aunt Millie’s Garden and can’t wait to get sewing…


  2. Becky, Thank you for the slideshow tutorial. It’s very informative. In the last slide you said that “in some cases” you would trim away the block background. I know that in your books you always say that you don’t trim away the background, so I was wondering when you would do that. Thank you in advance for answering my question. Jay


  3. I cut away background behind big pieces of applique that have been sewn off-the-block. Usually that would be chunks that are the size of my hand or larger. It’s not that it would hurt to leave the background behind these pieces, it just feels unnecessary.


  4. Becky – Thank you for the step by step demo! Very helpful!I have been wanting to do Lorna’s Vine, ever since seeing it behind Elanor when she posed with her tree. I have the Amish Inspired book – but the dimensions for Lorna’s Vine is too big for the area where I want to hang it. What will be the dimensions of the smaller version? Can you post the modified dimensions/directions and yardage somewhere (or is it going to be published in a book or pattern?) Thanks!Karen


  5. I love the slide show! I think I can figure out how to do the block without your instructions, but can you tell me where to find the word ‘Notes’ to hover over to see them? Thank you.


  6. To Kwiltsfl – I’ll post the instructions for the smaller one once I get it together. And a photo. I’m making progress on the applique but it will probably be a few weeks before it’s up.To bjk –You’re right – “notes” is not there on the blog. Put your cursor in the gray area above the little slides and the notes should appear.


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