Visiting with Friends

Can you believe I am writing on the blog.  I have lots of ideas and good intentions. Somehow I manage to procrastinate too much. I told Becky I was going to begin writing on the blog on a regular basis. She said she would have to see it. 

It is always so much fun to have a friend come to visit. Especially if they are a quilter. My long time quilting friend Glenna Hailey and her husband Bill were recently here.  We share so many interests that it is a none stop gabfest. Bill and Paul love to play golf.

Glenna’s company is Holly Hock Check out her new book Sugar Sack Quilts. She specializes in quilts made from feed sacks and reproductions of feed sacks. You should see her room with all the feed sacks. She has the largest collection of them I have ever saw. I always wanted to spend a night in that room. 
Glenna also sells antiques and collectables including feedsacks. She is so much fun to go antiquing with. I have learned a lot from her. She found a spread while we were out that was nursery rhymes characters. I would have walked by it but she saw the possibilities for it. It is fun to shop looking at things from another person’s view.
We decided to go to the Palisade Peach festival which is about 15 minutes from my home. What a treat. They gave us peaches to eat when we paid to get in. There was everything imaginable made from peaches there. Wine, ice cream, fudge, salsa, etc. It was a taste feast. I advise you not to try the peach peanut butter. Yuk!
While entering Palisade we saw the greatest sculpture, which gave us all a good laugh. It was a statue of a fire hydrants with a dog at the base trying to jump up to it. 
Have a great creative day. I am making pillows this afternoon for my sister’s birthday.

5 thoughts on “Visiting with Friends

  1. Becky spoke at our guild earlier in the year and posted some pics, and I found the blog. I am an Insurance Agent and have yall’s blog on my home page, I love it, it’s wonderful and it doesn’t distract or upset me like the news can. It’s good to hear from the other half of the team.. You should post the pics of the pillows. I am looking forward to your posts.Angie


  2. Miracles will never cease to happen! Linda posted on the blog!! She told me I’d better check it to see if she said bad things about me! Thanks, Linda, for being so kind! We did have a great time at her house. So sorry my head was elsewhere and I didn’t take any pics but the one she’s showing. You did a great job! Much love and see you in Houston—


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