Taking applique off the wall and making it portable…

I made a movie that shows how I take my blocks off of my design wall. I place the applique pieces on half of a folded sheet of paper (that has a smaller piece of flannel on it). the pieces are stacked so that piece #1 is on top and ready to sew. 

Once all the pieces are on the flannel, I fold the paper over them. I place the folded paper (with applique pieces) in a gallon-sized Ziplock bag. Usually the overlay will fit in the bag too. I carry my Frostings thread/bobbin sets, a pair of scissors, small pincushion, and toothpicks in a smaller baggie.

Enjoy the movie!

6 thoughts on “Taking applique off the wall and making it portable…

  1. That is really helpful! Thank your so much 🙂 The little pieces were hard to keep track of when I made the house for my daugther, this way makes much more sense!


  2. I just found your blog this week…watching some of the videos today. Imagine my surprise when I saw the red and green quilt and heard it was purchased where I live…Winston Salem.Did you come here for classes, or just “passing through”?


  3. Hi Cici:The red and green quilt I’m working on in the video is Lorna’s Vine. It’s one of our patterns and is in the book, Amish-Inspired Quilts. (You can find it on the books page on our website.)FYI – I’m making a smaller version of this quilt to take with me when I teach this class. I think I’m going to do some piecing in the border. When I get the top done I’ll put it up on the blog and on our website.


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