Welcome to our new blog home!

If you got here from our previous blog, you know that I moved us so that I could better control the design of our blog. It's not perfect yet, but I'm working on it. Please let me know what you think about our new blog – comments are appreciated!

If you subscribed to our old blog, it would be good if you took a minute to subscribe to this new one since this is where all new posts will be. Click "Subscribe" in the navigation bar above or "Subscribe to this blog's feed" in the column at right. I have a mac and I like to keep up with new blog posts in my mail program. I click to add the new URL as an RSS Feed in my inbox. If any of you have a pc and want to share what you see when you click the subscribe button, please do write a comment about it. I find this to be the easiest way to keep up with my favorite blogs.

Now I can move on to real quilt-related news! A few weeks ago when I was teaching at the NC Quilt Symposium, I had dinner with Hollis Chatelain, Sue Nickels, and John Flynn. We have all done something for the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative. Sue and I both made quilts for the traveling exhibit. Here's mine:

HoldOn_01 copy

Sue, Hollis, and John have made auction quilts (which sort of made me feel like a slacker). We got to talking about which quilts auctioned had raised the most money. Now, I didn't have a horse in that race but I admit that it brought out my competitive side.

The four of us decided that we should have a 4-person challenge on the Alzheimer's Quilt Initiative site to see whose little quilt made the most money. Ami Simms, the quilter/powerhouse behind the Alzheimer's Quilt Initiative said "Sure!" She gave us the dimensions (9" x 12" if possible, not bigger than 20" x 20") and a due date (September 1). The quilts will be auctioned off in mid-November.

I have decided to make a miniature of Passion Flowers, a quilt from our brand new book, Applique Outside the Lines. The full-size blocks are in the neighborhood of 24" x 24". I'm reducing the blocks to 5" x 5". Tomorrow I'll show you more!

PassionFlowerMini-01 copy

17 thoughts on “Welcome to our new blog home!

  1. I received Applique Outside the Lines and have already prepared the leaf templates and started drawing the leaves. Leaves in the Breeze just went to the head of the line!


  2. I applaude your efforts on behalf of the Alzheimer’s Quilt Initiative. My 94 year old mother is suffering, and I do mean suffering, with Alzheimer’s, and it is a very painful time for me as well. As Nancy Reagan said, it is the long goodby. On a happier note, your new blog site is fantastic. I enjoyed the old one, but this looks even better!


  3. I can’t get either subscribe link to work. It looks to me like it doesn’t do anything more than refresh the page. I have a PC and I use Windows Live to keep track of my feeds. And since I normally use Firefox for my browser, I also double checked on IE but had the same problem. I had your other blog there with no problem. 😦


  4. Great job on the beautiful quilt always love to see what your up too
    good luck on the new blog site
    oh i almost forgot when does the cupcake table display get to be used cant wait to see it filled yummmy


  5. I took a class of yours and saw your Alzheimer’s Quilt up close. I really love that quilt. I like the story of it also.


  6. I also can’t get subscriber to work……
    love the quilt you made and you certainly are not a slacker!
    Great colors…I look forward to the new book, your designs are always fun.
    Happy Sewing


  7. Thank you all for your feedback! I”m working on figuring out how to make subscribing easier. I may see if my son, Chris, can help. He knows a lot more about the than I do.
    To answer some questions:
    The wedding is August and that’s when the cupcake stand will be used.
    I use a Nikon D90 camera and love it!


  8. Just found you and am glad I did. I took a class with you in Lancaster years ago and have fallen off of quilting due to other changes in my life … I’m thinking your blog will help inspire me to return.


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