Fabric “Paper” Dolls…

In a recent class a student, Alice, showed me the "paper" dolls she had made for her granddaughter. They were seriously cute. The two fabrics, by Sheryl Rae Marquez for Windham Fabrics, have dolls on one piece and clothes on the other. There may be other colorways.


I had never seen this fabric and Alice was nice enough to send me some of what she had. Thank you, Alice! She suggested that I fuse the two pieces to fusible flannel which I couldn't find. I found some Pellon fusible fleece and used it instead. Elanor and I both did lots of cutting…


She's enjoying playing with them! Alice made a very nice folder for her granddaughter's paper dolls. I'm afraid Elanor is going to have to make do with a gallon-sized Ziplock.



8 thoughts on “Fabric “Paper” Dolls…

  1. Love, love, love the paper dolls. When I was young, my sister and I could play with paper dolls for hours! Our grandmother was good a drawing, and would sometimes draw paper dolls and clothes for us to cut out. When I was in graduate school at the Univ. of Washington, I saw a beautiful print of a paper doll and her dolly plus clothes and fell in love with it. When my mother asked what I wanted for graduation, I think she was a little surprised that all I wanted was the paper doll print! It still hangs in my bedroom. Love to see that paper dolls are not completely a thing of the past =).


  2. Becky, for some other views/ideas of this fabric check out Keepsake Quilting somewhere on there they have a book made from this fabric, and the fabric. I saw it a few months ago and HAD to have it, I have no littles ones yet, but will be ready. Fons& Porter had a quilt in their magazine a few months ago also, it looks like such fun! But in reality I think that ziplock bag is just fine, it’s the dolls and clothes part that they want. If my girls were little they would not wait for me to be that creative, they would want them NOW! Love the pictures, she looks like she is having such fun! Great moments,enjoy!


  3. I just purchased the black fabric with the Christmas outfits and am planning on making some up for Christmas fun – Did you put a stiff interfacing on the doll & clothes parts – or did you just cut out the doll & clothes to play with it? I also like how you cut off the tabs – those were the worst part to cut around when I was a kid!!!!
    I also purchased some of the fusible fleece (sug at the store) – did you use it to make the board or put it on the clothes? (My clerk wasn’t very helpful).
    Thanks! Tina “The Book lady”


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