Art at the Knoxville Convention Center…

The city of Knoxville budgeted in art purchases for their new convention center. They did a good job! Here are two of my favorite pieces:


From Above
Joyce Crain is known for her collate-like constructions that include fiber, wire, iridescent film, metallic braids, gel filters and other high-tech materials. Her patterned grids were originally inspired by microchips, and have been compared to ancient textiles, Byzantine murals, and other ornamental decoration. From Above is inspired by aerial views of Knoxville, an abstract interpretation of the city as seen from above. Images for the work came from the National Aerial Photography Program, coordinated by the US Geological Society. Materials and colors shift and flicker as the light changes, patterns appear to rise and fall, advance and recede. Colors change tone as they grow luminous and radiate. Crain has used industrial materials in her work since 1976, and utilizes the latest technological innovations. A cross between sculpture and fiber art, the works emphasize interaction with light, movement and change.

Detail of From Above

This shot shows the 3 layers.


To Everything There Is A Season

David Arms is a self-taught artist whose interest is in taking the quilt out of its domestic context. Arms uses metal, screws and wood to create an industrial version of Southern quilting. He spent many hours watching his grandmother recycle old clothes to make her quilts, and as an adult, decided to create a new twist on a traditional form. The use of scrap metal and other discarded items in his work is reminiscent of the old fabric and sacks used in traditional quilts, adding a layer of history to his work. His interpretation of the four season in this work includes such disparate materials as rusted and galvanized metals, screws, bolts, paint, antique papers, cards, books and photographs. His aim is to take remnants of everyday life, and create art suing the same quilting patterns that originated years ago.

There were four seasons. I'm only showing Spring and Summer.


These are lovely up close.


3 thoughts on “Art at the Knoxville Convention Center…

  1. Awsome!!!! I love these! Now I’m wanting to get into my hubbys hobby “stuff” to see what I can come up with! Thanks for sharing!


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