The best mascara I’ve ever worn…

OK, I know that this may not interest everyone but I have to share. When Steve and I were in NYC we wandered into a Sephora (well, I wandered, Steve followed). A wand-wielding Sephora staffer offered to make my lashes lovely. She then came at me with the most wicked mascara applicator I have ever seen. It's like a mace.



You sort of poke it at your eye head-on, stroking the mascara up the lash from the base to the tip. It's made by Givenchy and called Phenomen'eyes and I love it! I took this photo of it on me – best looking lashes I've had in a long time! (I hope the photo of my eye isn't too creepy. If it is, let me know and I'll take it down.)


5 thoughts on “The best mascara I’ve ever worn…

  1. You have about the same number of bottom lashes as I have..almost none! I think this is genius since I always end up using the tip anyway to draw along the bottom and part of the top anyway!


  2. No, it is not too creepy! I love Sephora. I’ll have to try that one. I like ‘FRESH’ mascara too and you can get that at Sephora!


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