Zinnias are wonderful!

I took a lot of pictures of the yard and one of them was of this lovely, red zinnia. I grew a whole lot of them from seeds and I'm going to remember to do that every year from now on.

RedZinnia-01 copy 

I thought I would crop the image to see if it was better. What do you think?

RedZinnia-02 copy 

Doesn't this make you wonder about cropping your quilt blocks!

6 thoughts on “Zinnias are wonderful!

  1. My BFF grows zillions of zinnias every year…they are so happy looking.
    You are right! The off center cropped image looks so much better. A good design lesson for us.
    Best regards from Gail in Washington State


  2. What a good visual lesson! I have recently started do more improvisational quilt design on a very small scale and this is something I’ll be working with soon.


  3. love the cropped one. Question that has nothing to do with this post…I have been quilting (mostly by machine) for years, and usually grab whatever hand sewing needle is handy, to sew binding down. This is an unsatisfactory method, since I lately feel like I am sewing with a nail…what kind of needle do you use for binding sewing??? Thanks…great blog


  4. I use the same needle I applique with – a size 11 milliners needle made by Hemming and Sons. Be aware that many people sew as well or better with a sharp – a shorter needle. The main thing is to find a needle that fits your hand.
    FYI – my husband now sews down my bindings and he’s really good at it! He uses the milliners needle.


  5. Wow, I just received validation from Becky – I use the exact same needle for my applique! Wait – did I learn that from a Piece O’ Cake book? Probably!


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