In the pink bedroom where my fabric lives…

I used to have a white iron daybed with a white cover on it in this room. I was ready for change and this was a good opportunity to do it. We brought down a twin bed frame that had been my grandmother’s from the attic. I painted it white and then went shopping for sheets (white with dots) and a quilt. I know I could have made a quilt but I just do not have time to piece and quilt a quilt that is going to be abused by both kids and cats. This one was $39 at Target. I got the striped sheets too and put the fitted one on the box spring and the pillowcase on the bed pillow.


Yes, it’s bright in there but it’s not quite as shocking in real life.


There used to be a big stuffed chair the opposite corner of this room. That chair went to Baltimore too – joining our old (but still good!) sofa. I finally got to move the chair below out of the living room and into the bedroom. The fabric on the footstool, that matched the old chair and sofa, was way bad with the new quilt.


I had the pillow sham that matched the new quilt that I ended up not using on the bed. I was going to return it until I realized that I could cut it apart and use it on the footstool.


I’m going to find a colorful quilt to toss on the chair and that should pull the whole room together. On a budget!

5 thoughts on “In the pink bedroom where my fabric lives…

  1. I love it, the colors are great!I so agree with you about the quilt. I have always bought quilts for the girls beds, they were always less than $40 and I didn’t care what happened to them.If I’d spent all that time and money for fabric and sewing,I would be worried something would happen to it.They all have lots of MOM quilts that they snuggle under but don’t get the treatment the one ON the bed does! So those just may survive! Did you make the pillows, they are really pretty…


  2. You made my day. I was feeling somewhat guilty (I’ve been a quilter for over 20 years) about buying a King Sized Black & White Quilt at Walmart for a vacation home we hope to rent out eventually. I’m happy to know that even a famous quilter would “stoop so low” (as one of my friends commented about me)and get a “store bought”. Thank you!


  3. You know, I don’t view this as a controversial thing to do. The quilts I spend my time making are not bed quilts and I just can’t see the point in taking the time to make a quilt like the one I bought. If I wanted a particular quilt in that room and the only way I could get it was to make it, I would. And then it would drive me crazy when my black cat decided to nap there.
    Maybe I’m gaining a perspective that comes with age. I know that at 53 I am beginning to not care so much about what other people think about what I’m doing so long as I’m making the choices that are right for me, my husband, and family.


  4. Again thanks. I dont make bed quilts for the very same reason. Wall quilts of original design are more my cup of tea. (It seems like I’m making alot more baby quilts, for family members these days too!) I also think with age (I’m 55) I am alot more choosy about what I want to spend my time doing. Saying “no” to something is very liberating.


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