Swallowtail butterfly…

This lovely fellow was perched on my tomato plant earlier this week.

Swallowtail-03 copy 

I believe he had just eclosed (come out of his cocoon). He was fanning his wings opened and closed slowly. It looked like he was having a good stretch and he made no move to fly. He did shift around on the leaf as I moved around, snapping pictures liked crazy.

Swallowtail-06 copy 

Those of you who garden can tell that my tomato plants are not looking so great. They have a bug or a disease and I haven't been able to figure out what it is. My neighbors plants have the same stuff. Maybe I'll figure it out before next year. If anyone knows what the problem is, please share it with me. If you click on either photo it should open up bigger to give you a better look.

2 thoughts on “Swallowtail butterfly…

  1. Becky – looks like some kind of blight or fungus. best thing is to plant your tomatoes in a totally different spot next year – once its in the dirt it tends to come back. Make sure you water consistently – let them dry out in between waterings, but not too dry. the butterfly is beautiful though, thanks for sharing!


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