I want to get married again!

DoryAndEric-01 I don't want a new husband – I just want a new wedding. Dory's wedding!

Dory and I have been friends since we were freshman and suite-mates at the University of Oklahoma in 1978. She and Eric just got married and their experience makes we want a do-over.

They had a trip to Europe planned and, once they decided to get married they thought it would be fun to get married in Switzerland. Why not, right? There was a pile of paperwork and it took several weeks to get it all in order, but they did. It was just the two of them – more romance, less stress.

DoryAndEric-02Cindy and Pascal Zeller own and operate the Switzerland Wedding Company (see castle-like structure above). They were the wedding planners and Dory says that they were fabulous! Cindy is the photographer and she took the next two shots. 

 They look good (especially Dory)! Notice the red shoes – that match the red flowers.


Family and friends will celebrate the wedding at a big party coming soon. I can't wait to see more photos!

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