In the middle of the night…

There are rare nights when I wake up and my brain is worrying about something. It never fails that by morning I'm over it. Maybe the intense worrying is my way of working through whatever problem is at hand. The cartoon below (found on Sarah Fielke's blog) captures this experience very well. I had never seen any of Michael Leunig's cartoons but I'm going to be on the watch for them.


My husband, Steve, never wakes up to worry. It used to irritate me that I was the
one carrying the worry load but over time I realized that this division
of labor works well for us. He deals with stuff in a different way than
I do. Thankfully, I worry a whole lot less now than I used to.

3 thoughts on “In the middle of the night…

  1. Becky is right – I do deal with stuff differently than she does. I spend time thinking about how to deal with things I can actually have some effect on, and she tends to worry about things she has absolutely no control over. It used to irritate me that she would worry all night about something irrelevant, then be irritated with me about not worrying about the same thing, but I have gotten over that.
    Maybe worrying differently is a male/female thing.


  2. The two of you have made me laugh out loud today…and I needed to after worrying all night and day about something I have no control over. And I was so tempted to wake HIM up so he could worry too!


  3. Michael Leunig is considered a treasure here in Melbourne (Australia) where his cartoons appear in the newspaper.
    He can be profound, hilarious, and confusing, and he is very well loved.
    It is really lovely to discover that there are people on the other side of the world that appreciate him too.
    My favorite cartoon of his appears in his book “Short Notes from the Long History of Happiness” and has a poem called “The Bottle”.
    It is about a man perched on the lip of an enormous bottle, which has a woman floating inside. The man has to cry lots of tears, to fill the bottle and get her out.
    Some of the poem goes like this….
    “I am going to have to feel a lot until I get her back again” ……”It almost makes me laugh; to think that if you weep enough, A man can find his better half”
    I just love it.


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