Tiny, little people…

Have you ever heard of Slinkachu? He does street art installations in the UK and Europe. These images are from his blog Street Art – a tiny street art project.



He sets the tiny people and their props in place out on the city streets, photographs them, and walks away. Sometimes they stay put for a while and other times they disappear quickly. I have to admit that if I came across one these I would be very, very tempted to take it home with me.


They are just too much fun! Read Slinkachu's blog to see more photos and read more about what he's doing. He has a new book out that looks truly wonderful.

Doesn't this make you want to pull out your modeling clay to make little people!

2 thoughts on “Tiny, little people…

  1. Yes, I do love this blog! I should have said that Celia, my daughter-in-law, sent me the link to it in the first place. I want Slinkachu to do a lot more of these installations because I truly love seeing them!


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