Home from Market…

…and I'm lucky to be alive! There was a lot of heavy rain on the drive home from Houston. Just south of Corsicana after coming out of some white-knuckle driving I was about to pass a van and I noticed mud flying into the air on the other side of the median ahead of me. In the space of 3-5 seconds a car slid, bounced a bit, and spun at least once, hitting the cables that divide the two sides of the highway. In that time I managed to slow and begin moving to the right (behind the van) – and then we were past it.

I don't think the person in the other car was hurt. Bruised probably, with a very sore body. But alive. If that barrier had not been there we would have hit head on and I would not be writing this. I am very happy and thankful to be home!

I've unpacked, started laundry, and downloaded photos for the blog. I took photos of our booth and a friend took some with me and Linda in them. Unfortunately neither of us look good at the same time so I am not going to share those. Here's 2 sides of our booth:


The other quilts from Applique Outside the Lines were on the side you can't see. Those of you who kept up with the wedding photos will recognize the cedar logs/flowers on the floor. I got to use them again! I'll post more tomorrow.

Drive safely!

8 thoughts on “Home from Market…

  1. Thank goodness all ended well. Oh how I love those quilts, I have been stressing over which one to tackle next year but have been collecting fabric for them all!


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