The kids get bigger…

Jack and Elanor on Thursday, October 15. Jack wanted his photo taken and sat still long enough to pose! I think he wanted to show off his new sweatshirt.


Jack, in the box…


…he climbed in all by himself and stayed there awhile. The blocks (in the basket and all over the floor) and the wooden truck belonged to our boys when they were Jack's age! Glad we kept them.


He really wanted to make a pipe cleaner into a headband. Didn't exactly work as you can tell by his expression.


Elanor joined in!

1 thought on “The kids get bigger…

  1. Am wanting to replace floors in several rooms in my house. Need something that will stand up to lots of wear and tear as my husband makes several trips in from the yard (where he spends lots of time) and any dirt is really hard on the floors, as mine testify, even if you constanly get it up. Also want something light in color and easy to care for.
    Noticed the light colored wood or laminate? in you pictures and wonder if you love it and would you recommend. Which rooms do you have it in?


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