The Cleavers…

Here we are as Ward and June Cleaver. A few folks asked about Beaver. We said, with a sweet smile, that he was in the backyard, in bits and pieces.

TheCleavers-01 copy

June, in the kitchen, near the bar…


Smackdown Update: Hollis is currently in the lead. Her quilt has a bid of $2,000. I am very happy that my quilt is in 2nd place at $1500 – but I'm a competitive sort. If anyone wants to jump in and bid mine above $2,000 it would make me even happier!

I admit that this is a different sort of auction. Those who bid, are bidding for 2 things – to get the quilt they would like to have AND to make sure that they get that quilt for the highest price on the page. It sort of goes against every bargain-hunting woman's nature, doesn't it? But I like to think of this as a way to give as much as you can afford to give to this wonderful charity and have a wonderful quilt to show for it. Remember that the auction goes until November 10.

3 thoughts on “The Cleavers…

  1. You do the Clever image proud! Very cute…good news about the quilt, I’m rooting for you,it’s out of my rice range too! Fingers crossed, there’s always the famous sniping at the end,good luck!


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