We’re putting in a pool!

Well, Steve and I aren't actually doing any digging – Allison Pools in Denison, TX, is doing all the work and we are writing the checks.

We had talked about having a pool for several years but we couldn't afford it when the kids were in school (elementary, high school, or college). But now the kids are on their own and we figured that now is the time! Our backyard is tiny so the pool will be small. That's not a bad thing – it will be more manageable. This is the way our yard looked 4 weeks ago:

PoolBuild-01 copy

This is how it looked Monday. That black hole in the house is for the new window we had put in so that we can see the pool from our bedroom (soon I hope).

PoolBuild-03 copy

The brick around the window opening was finished on Tuesday:

NewWindow-05 copy

Steve and I are going to finish out the inside of the window on Sunday and I'll show you what I've done to the bedroom next week. I am currently waiting to hear when the big digger is coming to dig the BIG hole in the backyard. I'll share more photos as the project progresses.

5 thoughts on “We’re putting in a pool!

  1. Well, good for you! Our pool was great while the kids were growing up (the house came with it), but now that we are empty nesters it gets a whole lot more maintenance, than use. Even in South Florida we only use it 4-5 months of the year, unless we want to spring for a heater. Pretty to look at, pain to upkeep…just being honest here. I DO hope you LOVE yours!


  2. We are going into this with open eyes, knowing that there may come a time when we dont want a pool anymore.
    Our pool will be very small and only 6 deep and everyone weve talked to says that that is a manageable size to keep clean. Were going with the ozone cleaning system (not chlorine, not salt) and that is supposed to be very easy to maintain and easier on skin and eyes. We dont get a lot of leaves or debris in our yard which will help us keep up with the cleaning.
    In our part of TX, we should be able to get in it 5 months out of the year – were not putting in a heater. But I know the thing Im going to enjoy the most, all year round, is looking at the water from my studio window. And hearing the water fall from the little waterfall that is part of the pool package. Im willing to expend some energy for that.
    The way we look at it is that were spending about what we would put into a sort of expensive car. If we get 20 years of fun out of it, thats more than we would get from a car. And its possible that well still enjoy the pool beyond 20 years. Ill write about the pool as time goes by to let you all know if what we think now turns out to be true.


  3. Becky said we weren’t doing any of the digging – I don’t know where she got that. I have moved several tons of rock, gravel, and sand, getting it out of the way for the real digging. And I will be moving the rock back when we get ready to finish out the periphery of the pool. Then there is the rebuilding of the fence (using the PHD) – this whole project is taking a lot of physical labor on our part.


  4. Well, that is true. We are doing a lot of the work ourselves. Just not the part that includes skill sets that we dont have. FYI – for those of you who dont know, Steve uses his PhD (academic degree) at his day job. He uses his PHD (post hole digging) skills at home.


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