Pool build – day 1

Elanor, Jack, and Steve watch the big digger driving off of the flatbed trailer. Jack was extremely excited!

PoolBuild-08 copy

The guys used the digger to take out bushes, small trees, some stumps and a layer of dirt. Then they marked the edges of the pool. Normally they would use stakes, but there is a lot of rock under the dirt. The stakes kept breaking so they built these markers.

PoolBuild-14 copy

PoolBuild-16 copy

They hit white rock at a depth of about 1'. White rock is limestone. Some of it was crumbly and some of it came out in huge chunks. The general consensus is that we don't have to worry about this pool moving or cracking. We also don't need to worry about water seeping into the hole. This rock is one reason why basements are non-existent in our part of the world.

PoolBuild-18 copy 

At 6' they hit blue rock – shale. I didn't know we had blue rock here and Bill, our pool guy, was also surprised. They have a special rock puncturing tool that replaces the bucket on the end of the digging arm of the digger. It was sort of like a jack-hammer on steroids.

PoolBuild-20 copy

By 4:00 they were done. Tomorrow the steel (rebar) and some of the plumbing goes in. I'll show you what that looks like then!

The general consensus is that this is just about the perfect sized pool. Not too big, not too small. I will get to look out my studio window at water all year round. Oh happy day.

PoolBuild-21 copy

4 thoughts on “Pool build – day 1

  1. Pool building sure is different in your part of the world. We are all sand here (So. Fl), and you hit water a few feet down, why WE dont have basements in our part of the world either.


  2. OK, Becky, there is no turning back now. We can see our pool from our breakfst room and family room. It does make for a lovely view. Good luck to you guys. Let me know how you like the saltwater system. I am really tired of chlorine!!!
    –Claudia, one of your students in Waxahachie


  3. Oh Becky, I’m so envious that you are building pool. During the summer, we spent every day around the pool. What fun we had! Don’t have a pool at this house and we really miss it. Your grandbabies will really enjoy it. Please watch them carefully and teach them to be strong swimmers.
    My children went on to joining swim teams. Being lifeguards, swim instructors and managers for the city pools. Great learning experience. Never thought building that pool was going to be so rewarding in the long run. Let me know how you like the saltwater pool. I will have another pool someday. Congratulations.
    Hugs, Patty/Az


  4. I will definitely let you all know how the pool goes – the building and the living with it. From everyone Ive talked to who had chlorine and has switched to salt they say that the cost and maintenance is much better. Were going with ozone which is supposed to be like salt, but even easier to keep clean. Well see.


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