Painting the bedroom…

Two weekends ago, before we had the new window in the bedroom installed, I decided it was time to freshen up our bedroom (it had been yellow for 10 years). I had come across this photo on a design blog (sorry I can't remember which blog – Now I know. It's from House & Home and here's the link to the photo.) and I knew I wanted a blue ceiling and white walls.


I scraped the popcorn texture off of our ceiling on a Saturday. Steve helped me patch and smooth it after the scraping. The next day I painted ceiling and walls – 2 coats each. It's amazing how much you can do if you don't stop and think about it too much.

Below is the view from the hallway. The window on the left is the new window that was put in after I painted. We trimmed out the window and I painted that woodwork the next week. We can see the backyard and pool (under construction) from it.

MasterBedroom-01 copy 

This is the other side of the room…

MasterBedroom-03 copy

And below is the view of our room from my studio. I am amazed by the amount of light that the new window lets in. Love it! And the white walls are a nice change. They are the only white walls in our house! The blue ceiling is just perfect.

MasterBedroom-02-FromStudio copy

There is a small bathroom off of our bedroom and last weekend I painted it to match. Steve didn't think so, but I really thought it needed it.

14 thoughts on “Painting the bedroom…

  1. I have loved the blue walls and white ceiling in our bedroom, but now I am jealous of your blue ceiling! It looks wonderful! And both quilts are beautiful too.


  2. My grandmother painted the ceilings of all bedrooms blue, she was way ahead of her time, but it is still a wonderful idea. I love the way your room looks.


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