Pool build – day 7

Dave and his co-worker are working on the wall with the waterfall here:

PoolBuild-41 copy 

The waterfall will be 2' wide and it's centered in this wall. If you look close you'll see a bright yellow strip of plastic where the water will fall from.

PoolBuild-42 copy

It was chilly and windy – not a good day for this sort of work. But they did it anyway! The back side of the wall is pretty too.

PoolBuild-43 copy

PoolBuild-44 copy

We chose 1' iridescent glass tiles for the front of the wall. They were not easy to install. They aren't all cleaned up yet but they are going to glow in the sunlight.

On another note – my sister, Christy, has been in the hospital for the last week with pancreatitis. My mom kept saying that she didn't need me yet and now she does so I'm going to go tomorrow and will be gone for at least a couple of days. I'll let you know how she is when I get back (or when I'm gone if I have time to post).

3 thoughts on “Pool build – day 7

  1. I sure hope your sister is doing alright. (mine is in the hospital recovering from surgery…but is FINE!)
    Pool is looking great. Are you sure you dont want a waterfall over the entire raised area?? (like 3 sections???)Much easier to do now, than later. Maybe lit from behind, so it glows at night??? I just love spending other people’s money. Your Welcome


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