Bird ornaments…

I make Christmas ornaments every year to give as gifts. This year's ornament is a bird made from vintage fabrics. Each bird is made up of 2 sides and 1 bottom gusset. I used a different fabric in each position on each bird. Here are a few of the 21 ornaments I made:

BirdOrnament-02 copy 

I covered wood clothespins with glitter and hot glued a bird to each clothespin. Luckily I don't mind living with a little glitter because it went all over my studio.

BirdOrnament-01 copy

I keep one ornament for myself. One side of my bird is light, and the other side is…


…red! The bottom gusset is the red and white dot. I ran three lengths of flexible wire through each bird after I turned them inside out, during the stuffing process. I glued a wool bead to each end of each wire, making the birds look more festive. We'll probably be putting this pattern in the Christmas book we are currently working on.

12 thoughts on “Bird ornaments…

  1. When do you sleep??? I would be absolutely thrilled to get 1/10th done that you do….
    LOVE the birds….I have two skinny Christmas trees on either side of my fireplace that I want to adorn with bird ornaments. (I also have an angel tree, just in case you want to whip up any more ornament patterns to put in your book!)


  2. I love the birds and YES please put it in the book
    I would buy the book just for this pattern! I have a friend that loves birds and she would just love to have a few of these bird ornaments as a present
    ah yes the glitter you will be finding it all over the house I bet!


  3. I love your birdies! I am going to have one month this summer that my home decor will be birds. I am new to blogging as soon as I can figure out how to get pics from my camera to the computer I will show some of my crafts. Come visit me at Shirley


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