Baby Chucky Bunny…

It was a White Elephant party weekend and Steve ended up with what I can only describe as a baby-version of Chucky, as a bunny. I think this doll has the scariest face I have ever seen on a child's toy. the photo doesn't quite capture the sneer on it's face. And those are real eyelashes – which somehow makes the whole thing even scarier.


I had it out when the kids dropped by and Jack fell in love with Baby Chucky Bunny. Lorna and Chris were as put off by it as we were and said it was not going home with them. So Jack put BCB to sleep in the dump truck.  I'm not sure whether to hide it from him (to save for re-white-elephant-gifting) or to let him play with it until it is used up.


4 thoughts on “Baby Chucky Bunny…

  1. I do believe I would have to tell Jack that the baby chunck bunnie’s Mom came and picked “it” up. That bunnie’s scarey journey should end soon. Just my opinion from Judy C


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