The Goldsmith Christmas 2009

I should have had my camera out more, but I didn’t. When our son, Jeff, was 2 he wanted a Barbie and her Ferrari for Christmas. That was all he wanted so we got it for him. My dad was not exactly happy – until he watched Jeff.

Jeff took all Barbie’s clothes off (never could get that poor doll in clothes again) and he put her in the Ferrari. He’d occasionally take her out of her car and – well the best way to put it is that he would admire her form. After my dad saw that, he decided that Jeff and Barbie were OK together.

Jack loves Elanor’s Barbies and he plays with them pretty much the same way Jeff did. So they both got new Princess dolls. Jack’s did not stay dressed long.

This is Jeff, Jack, the Princesses reading Jeff’s new book about Stinky, the garbage truck.

Jeff-Jack-Barbies-01 copy

I’d share photos of the rest of us, but I didn’t take them. But I have good memories of this Christmas and it’s not over yet. We have a big dinner and games planned for New Year’s Eve. Life is good.

1 thought on “The Goldsmith Christmas 2009

  1. Cute story, it made me smile. My son loved the color pink when he was two (not Barbie pink but fuscia) and my husband would cringe when he wanted anything pink. Now he is ten and likes StarWars Legos, football and anything poop related and all girls are “dumb”. My what a difference a few years makes. Happy quilting in the new year!


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