Color provided by nature…


It's not just that the fuschia (from light to dark) is beautiful – it is that it is mixed with the different shades and values of green and brown/gray. Great colors for a quilt.

The ombre shading of the banana leaf (below) really stands out in this photo. It's an interesting idea – to use this sort of shading on one motif in a composition to draw attention to it.


5 thoughts on “Color provided by nature…

  1. Have you seen that funky blue vine yet??? I wish I remembered the name, but it really is BLUE…..Kind of a turquois-y shade. We saw it at a pineapple plantation on Kauai. You will know what I’m talking about if you see it!


  2. the internet is a wonderful thing. The turquoise plant I described above is a type of jade plant/vine. Called Strongylon macrobotrys…..what a mouthful. Ask about it, you wont be dissappointed!


  3. Thanks for the heads up Bette. We didnt go there this trip so didnt see it but we have see more than I will begin to remember. Thankfully I have a camera for that!


  4. Hi Sylvia:
    Im glad my blog makes you happy! I actually enjoy sharing images and ideas with all of you who take the time from your busy days to check in with me. Ill do my best to be entertaining!


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