More paint play…

I've done more with the Liquitex paints! I made 2 little quilts for C&T to use in their booth at trade shows. I had a half of a lemon in the refrigerator that I used as a stamp. I mixed the paint with Iridescent Medium and stamped on my fabric. Here is Red Lemonade:

RedLemonade copy 2 

I hand quilted this with big stitches in hand-dyed red pearl cotton. I finally found a use for my painted safety pins – they are holding bits of dyed wool felt in place through all the layers of the quilt.

RedLemonade copy 

I continued to use the same lemon. Here's Fuzzy Yellow Lemonade:

FuzzyYellowLemonade copy 2 

It's "fuzzy" because I stitched a silk hankie on top of the fabric. I also added a strip of sheer, ribbed polyester fabric. The metal rings are something from my grandfather's hardware store that we have carted around for 30+ years. There is some machine stitching with big-stitch hand quilting with hand-dyed pearl cotton.

FuzzyYellowLemonade copy 

Playing with paint could become addictive!

6 thoughts on “More paint play…

  1. Wow…such a change from what I think of as the Peice of cake style…but then again your last book had a very modern feel….does any of that make sense…its meant to be a compliment!


  2. So Cute – You are a very talented woman – who else could have thought up the embellishments? Using up what you have – way to go Becky!!!


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