Pretty packaging…

I'm home from Florida and getting ready to go to Asilomar in California to teach at the Empty Spools Seminars. More on that later.

I did a quick check of my favorite blogs as saw these on Design Sponge:


These are seed packets from The Balcony Gardener. This is some of the best packaging I have seen. The patterns are simple, well balanced, and thoughtful. The colors are striking and eye-catching. I would love to have some of these in fabric.

7 thoughts on “Pretty packaging…

  1. I have been reading your blog for a few months. I was wondering if you realize that your blog title appears as “title unknown” in Google’s blog reader since you moved the blog. Is this intentional? I thought maybe you hadn’t come up with a title at first but now it’s been months and the old blog had a title so I’m wondering if this is an oversight?


  2. I think I fixed it. At least when I looked at it in Google Reader the title was there. I did change some settings in Typepad so perhaps that did it. Please let me know if it isnt really fixed…


  3. Yes that seemed to fix it although with my limited technical skills, the only way I could get it to change the name in the blog reader was to unsubscribe and then re-subscribe! I’m sure there is a way to refresh within the reader but I couldn’t figure it out.


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