I find myself to be strangely attracted to all things orange these days. I don't remember loving it back in the 70s – perhaps I was just too young for it then. At any rate, this small orange flower caught my eye on my morning walk a couple of days ago. I'm still at Asilomar – this flower was growing next to the boardwalk…


It's more fun close up…


5 thoughts on “Orange…

  1. Hi, just wanted to say what beautiful flowers! I have to thank you for making the Piece O Cake DVD on hand applique. I am real excited now when I look at applique quilts because I feel I am going to be able to make a few myself. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog. I just wanted to say Hi, and maybe I’ll be commenting once and a while. I must not get to caught up in looking online, it takes away from the time I have to quilt, right now I have at least a half dozen projects I want to start, all hand applique! Oh, I do live in Haslet Texas, and I think a quilt show will be in a couple weeks, will you ladies be there? Hope to see you if you are. Judy


  2. Hi Judy – Im glad you are enjoying the blog! Its true that you have to be careful not to lose a day just looking at blogs. I need a timer myself on se days.
    Enjoy your stitching!
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  3. Love the flower shots. Your camera is fantastic. Saving up for one. Its the Nikon D90 correct? Any special lenses with it?
    Orange is also a color that is growing on me-never used to care for it but I have quite a stash now.


  4. Love your blog but I need to spend time to read it more. I loved the weird friends photo. Jerry thinks it might be fake, what a skeptic!


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