Shopping while at Empty Spools…

I shopped – of course I shopped – when I was in California! I visited Back Porch quilt shop in Pacific Grove and bought fabric and books. I washed and dried the fabric yesterday and was struck by my choices. I seem to be loving neutrals and green right now – go figure.

Gail has a wonderful selection of books you just don't see anywhere else. I"m looking forward to looking at these soon. Notice I didn't say 'read'. I'm going to look at the pretty pictures and be inspired!


Kathy came back from Carmel with this lovely card that she found at Findings. Findings has ribbon and cards and I don't know what else because I didn't get there. They don't have a web site which is too bad!


The flowers on the card (top, right) and envelope were cut from wallpaper. The measuring tape is real (or copied, I can't remember). The detail below shows the zigzag stitching and the buttons with string ties on the back of the envelope.


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