The lovely books…

I embrace technology. I love my Kindle and look forward to falling deeply in love with an iPad (in a year or so when version 2 or 3 comes out). However, I freely admit that there are some truly lovely books. whit that thought in mind, here is a site that you might be interested in…

BibliOdyssey is Paul Peacay's blog. He lives in Sydney and posts beautiful, book-related images. For example, I love this chicken from his post of Dutch picture books.


There is a big button on the upper right side of his blog that takes you to 'The Annotated Archives of BibliOdyssey'. This is an easy way to find Mr. Peacay's older posts. They are worth looking at.

4 thoughts on “The lovely books…

  1. Hi Becky, I just commented on the 1 PT choc cake dessert- and figured you might get that message now. On the point calculator it comes out to 2 pts- without any syrup- I want it anyway! Do you know where the recipe came from? – maybe I am doing something wrong. It is certainly delicous! Sandy


  2. Hi Sandy:
    Linda told me it was 1-point dessert and I believed her. My guess is that she was told it was 1-point by her aunt who gave her the recipe. I tried to call Linda, but shes at guild. I will make a note on this post that it may be 2-points and I thank you for checking on your point calculator!


  3. I have the 2nd generation Kindle and I love it! I look forward to the things that the iPad offers (color, internet linkage, more power in general) and will happily buy one of those later. My husband will inherit my Kindle. Thats the way the technology flows at our house and everyone is happy.


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