Into the water…

It's been in the 60s here for the last few days and the pool has been looking especially pretty. The kids found it irresistible – although not for long. The water is still really cold.

KidsAtPool-03-2010_03 copy 

Steve is on Spring Break this week so we took the weekend to work around the pool. Jeff had started the stone work at the north end of the pool at Christmas. These stones are laid using a dry-pack method. You dig out underneath the area where the stones will go. Mix sand and cement in even amounts and make a bed of it underneath where the stones will go. Then you place the stones. That part is the hard part. Everything has to be level and the stones need to end up at the correct height.

We were hot at the end of the day yesterday and we both jumped into the pool. I was in and out in 15 seconds!


There is metal edging between the stones and the flower bed. We added new dirt and good mulch. I've just started planting. The purple phlox is a low growing, sun-loving ground cover that should cover the mulch and keep the ground moist. The little bush with the yellow flowers is broom. Lowe's had them. They are supposed to grow to 6' and be evergreen. I want something big here to keep the kids from taking a running jump at the pool. Maybe this will work.


This is where we had to stop. It may be a couple of weeks before we get back to it. You can see the pea gravel between the stones. We are not using concrete with these stones because our electric cable runs underneath here. If we ever have to dig it up, this will be easier to move.

FYI – that bush with the yellow-tinged leaves is an elaeagnes. They grow tall and are evergreen. It is my hope that the pool equipment will be out of site by the end of the summer.

2 thoughts on “Into the water…

  1. You are hearty! Its been in the 70’s here, and I wont jump in my pool till MAYBE Memorial Day. Water temp’s got to be above 80 for me!


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