Easy threading needles and machine quilting…

I'm machine quilting this week and probably next week. I like to bury the tails of thread at all my starts and stops. I usually bury them as I go rather than waiting until the whole quilt is finished. Judy Mathieson told me about easy threading needles that she uses for this task. They are an amazing time saver! Thank you Judy! Watch the movie to see how they work.

Here's a close-up of the needle. The brand I found was Mary Arden in sizes 4/8. If I can talk Linda into it, we can put these or something like them on our site.


12 thoughts on “Easy threading needles and machine quilting…

  1. The way I bury the threads with needle is to put the needle in “place” and then load the thread into the special eyed needle. That way you can bury shorter threads.


  2. I like the Clover brand of easy threading needles as the eye seems to be much smoother and I don’t have threads breaking on me. Cheers from wet tropical Australia.


  3. When I am machine quilting, I have a magnet nearby that I keep the self threading needle on. It’s always handy and I don’t have to hunt for it or the thread tails.


  4. Everyone has posted great ideas. I always bury my threads, but usually after I’m done, using a large eye tapestry needle and a rigid needle threader….while watching a movie…. This looks SO much easier….and quicker. Thanks for the tip!


  5. Becky, can you share a little more detail. I use those needles to tie off and hide the threads when I am doing machine applique. How do you knot the threads when you are machine quilting? thanks!!


  6. Hi Pam! I hope MI weather is turning nice.
    I dont knot at the end of my machine stitches. I use little tiny stitches – small enough that they dont come out. Im using cotton, not synthetic, threads and that helps them stay in place.


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