Have applique, will travel…

I am often asked how I carry my projects when I travel. I have what I think is a very good system. I start with a plain sheet of paper, folded in half. I cut a piece of flannel 5 1/2" x 8 1/2" and place it inside the folded sheet of paper. I place my applique pieces on the flannel in a sloped stack – being sure to place the applique pieces in order so that #1 is on top and the last piece is on the bottom.

TravelingApplique copy 

In the photo above you can see my paper 'folder' on the left. Once you close the folder, the applique pieces are covered by paper. The flannel keeps the pieces in place and everything stays nice and flat. The folder fits neatly inside a gallon sized zip bag, along with the block background, the overlay, a small pin cushion, bobbins, and scissors. I carry my sandpaper board separately.

I make a "folder' for each block and border in a project. You can write on the paper if you want to, labeling it with pertinent information. I save and re-use these folders as I finish one quilt and move on to another.

Happy travels!

10 thoughts on “Have applique, will travel…

  1. I LOVE the “folder” idea! I have used a pencil box, but ometimes the overlay gets folded too many times to fit inside the box. I think I’m going to try your idea next time. Thanks!


  2. It works best to fold the overlay with the tissue paper placed over the drawn side of the plastic. The tissue paper helps to keep creases softer and keeps the lines from transferring from one part of the overlay to another. I find that the creases I get are manageable. If they get too creased, I blow hot air on the overlay with my blow dryer and that relaxes the creases.


  3. Thanks for that tissue-folding tip about the overlay. Mine gets stuck together too. On your video, Applique the Piece o cake way, you mentioned that you used the tissue for something, but never said what it was, (or maybe I missed it) I know what to do now.
    You are great, thanks!


  4. Up until now i used a tin box to carry my projects while traveling. On one hand, it didn’t get mixed up with rest of my stuff, on the other, it would get mixed up inside the very box. Thanks for your tip for clever traveling.


  5. Hi Carolyn:
    Ive seen people glue a very fine grit sandpaper to a variety of surfaces. Ive tried it myself on foam core board but I decided that its just too squishy. I prefer a rigid surface – like masonite or 1/4 thick plywood. I would use a spray adhesive because wet glues can make the sandpaper bubble.
    I found out that our new sandboard should be available in early December. Its a nice one!


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