Flower power…

We are well into spring in north Texas. The days are warmer and sunnier, and the flowers are blooming. My front yard, which no longer has grass, is looking better every day! I thought it would be nice to share some of the colors of north Texas spring with you…


The Texas Bluebonnets are thriving. I have some in my yard. They are a lupine and they grow from seed. I'll let mine go to seed in the yard. They don't look great at that stage, but the plants that grow from the scattered seeds are better than the ones I've bought at the nursery.


We use very little in the way of herbicides – only Round-Up on the weeds that I just can't dig up – and no insecticides. We have ladybugs now. Bees and butterflies will be here soon.

One thought on “Flower power…

  1. Your Texas Bluebonnets are beautiful. Love the ladybug! We started seeing them in our garden last year – I couldn’t remember seeing them since I was a kid (when they used to be everywhere). Thanks for sharing.
    Regards, Sue


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