Color progressions…

Did you see this cover on the May issue of Martha Stewart Living? Those are paint swatches on the wall! What a good idea. With all the cool things you can do with paint swatches I hope the day doesn't come when we have to pay for them. You can click a link to read the whole story.


What I like the most about this cover is the smooth progression of color, from green through yellow into orange and finally ending in red, in both the paint chips and in the pillows on the sofa. This sort of color progression is both eye-catching and soothing. And If you pay attention, you'll see lots of color progressions used in magazines and store displays.

I use this sort of color progression often in my quilts. In fact the quilt that I have just finished is based on this very thing…


4 thoughts on “Color progressions…

  1. I thought the inside was OK. I enjoyed the rooms that went with the cover article. But I do have to admit that I dont ever expect to find even half the pages of most magazines interesting. If I find 1-3 good ideas in any magazine Im happy. And to be completely honest – I mostly look at the pictures so its the pictures that have to be good for me to be happy.


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