Shopping at the Salt Lake Airport…

I visited the Bitteroot Quilt Guild in Hamilton, MT, last week. It was fun! Nice quilters, beautiful place – there was even some snow! I flew home through Salt Lake City. Oh my – that is an airport with good shopping. A window at Zeta with beaded purses made me stop and look.



The purses were in the $200+ range. I'm not really a 'purse person' so I wasn't tempted to buy one but I was impressed by the artistry.




I did buy a big scarf/pareo by Desigual. I won't wear it like this lady in the photo – aren't you happy to hear that!

3 thoughts on “Shopping at the Salt Lake Airport…

  1. Whenever I fly, I usually have to go thru SLC and you are right, they have some great shopping. I have taken pictures of those wonderful bags and my daughter and I both love them, we however do not own one either. How lucky was Montana to have you for a while.


  2. Montana was very, very lucky to have you here! I so enjoyed your presentation at Guild and wish I could have taken your class the next day. My friend said she learned so much! Thank you for the inspiration!!


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