World Series Quilt – Post #6

I've designed this quilt on the wall, without a drawn pattern. No templates – I just cut pieces out by eye, with my scissors. I pinned all the pieces where I wanted them to go. So how do I take it down, manage the pieces, and get everything back where I want it?

I cut a piece of Quilter's Vinyl 16 1/2" x 16 1/2". I drew a 16" x 16" square and the horizontal and vertical center lines on the vinyl. I pinned the vinyl over the quilt on the wall.

I traced the design on the raw edges of the applique pieces. When I applique them, the pieces will be smaller as I turn under the seam allowances so it's a little different than our normal overlay. For placement, it works. I numbered the pieces. I took them off the wall in reverse order as I described in this post.

Here's another little bit of the quilt with the Quilter's Vinyl over it. If you click the photo it should open on a new page and be even bigger.

WorldSeries-09 copy

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