On top of Mt Massive…

First I have to say Mt. Massive is an interesting name for a mountain. It makes me think the person who named it had just run out of good names and went with the most obvious choice. That happens to me when I'm naming quilts so I understand how that can happen.

Here are my guys on the summit. The last time there were some folks on Mt. Elbert to take their picture. This time they were alone and there wasn't a flat place to put the camera and use the self-timer. Mt. Massive, the second highest peak in Colorado and the third highest in the contiguous US, at 14,421 – just 12 feet lower that Elbert.

Steve_at_summit_2 copy 

Chris_and_Woody copy

There was a metal box at the summit with the log book and a number of unusual objects that people had left, including Woody. Steve left a kukui nut. I'm guessing Woody went back into the box.

4 thoughts on “On top of Mt Massive…

  1. It could have been a geo cache – but thats not something any of us keep up with. Woody did stay in the box along with the kukui nut Steve left.
    Ive always thought that going on a geo cache hunt would be fun. If any of you are interested enough to follow up on it, go to http://www.geocaching.com.


  2. Actually Mt. Massive is very well named – its summit ridge has five peaks above 14,000 feet, it has more land are above 14,000 feet than any other mountain in the continental US, and, from a distance, it appears, well, massive. Climbing it is a challenging and strenuous long day’s hike – 14 miles round trip with 4,400 feet elevation gain (and loss).


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