Taking a break…

Linda and I have each spent the last few days mostly sitting at our computers. The combination of the sale and the drawing has kept us really busy but we are not complaining! It's nice to hear from so many of you and the closets are looking a lot cleaner. I'm happy to report that so far my email inbox has not crashed.

Lorna brought Jack and Elanor over to swim and I had to take a short break to join them. Jack, at 2 1/2, is already in a size 5 boy's size. Not toddler, boys. He's swimming pretty well for 2 1/2. He likes the noodle, but Lorna makes him swim some distances without it too. He's started to be able to come up for breaths. He's nowhere near ready to swim across the pool on his own, but will be in a year or two. Elalor swims like a fish!



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