I found a link on Ami Simms' newsletter to a man who makes art from toast. I had to check it out.

Maurice Bennett is exploring the use of 'flame as paintbrush' in this series. Well, there you go. It sounds way too dangerous an enterprise for me, but he obviously is good with a torch. This one is called 'The World of Finance' and it can be yours! It's very quilt-like, don't you think?

Then the mail came and I got the new Anthropologie catalog. I love looking at this catalog. The clothes suit my DIL better than they do me, but I have found many items for my own home at Anthropoligie. AND both their store and catalog layouts are wonderful. They must have an army of designers whose only job it is to think up cool display ideas.

ToastAndBootiesAs I was flipping through the new catalog I noticed that there were a variety of shots mixing their stuff with food-stuffs. Very cute. Can you guess what one of the foods they used was? You guessed it… toast!


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