I want to do this…


I saw this on Design Sponge and it reminded me of just how much I want to paint the light fixture in my dining room. 'Chandelier' is too fancy a name for mine as you can see, below.


It's BORING. Eventually I'll get around to painting it and I'll share
the after photos when I do. I really ought to scrape the popcorns off of
the ceiling too – someday, but not today.

3 thoughts on “I want to do this…

  1. That looks like a perfect candidate for painting. I’m curious as to your color choice!
    I’d pay someone else to do the popcorn removal…it’s a horribly messy job and really tough on the arms!


  2. I think I may get off high center and paint it before I leave town on Wednesday. Steve said he could take it down for me. Im thinking it would be good in orange!
    Ive taken popcorn off a ceiling recently and it is not any fun at all. Id happily hire someone to do it, but finding someone to do that job well in Sherman is not easy. If you want a big remodel, you can usually find someone. One-day jobs are harder to find someone reliable to do.


  3. Hmmm… you’ve got me thinking. I have a 60’s version of the same chandelier with fake brass and milk glass globes with the little nubs all over. Maybe if it were painted, it wouldn’t be so gross. Keep us posted.


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