Painting my light fixture…

Today was the day to get this done. (Scroll down or click here to see the 'before' fixture picture.) Steve took the fixture down and I suspended it in the center of our garage. I went to Lowe's and chose an orange and a green spray paint. I suspected orange would be better (and it was) but that green spray paint was a really good color. (I'm going to hold on to it for later.)

I stuffed the bulb openings with torn strips of paper towel…


…and I taped off the screw threads at the top of the fixture.


I sprayed a base coat of white primer followed by two coats of the high gloss orange spray paint. I sprayed inside the light cups, the chain, the cord inside the chain – if it was visible it is now orange. If you do this be careful to look at your fixture from all angles, high and low, be be sure you're not leaving areas unpainted. It's bad to look up in the middle of a dinner party to find the spot you missed.

FYI – I ended up taking out all of the little screws that you see here. They aren't necessary in Texas, where glass shades do not hop off of this sort of fixture, and they are visually distracting.


While the paint was drying I went back to Lowe's to look for new glass shades. I though about using those cute round bulbs but they aren't cheap and I thought they might be too bright. First I looked at the fixtures that were on display…


…and then I looked at the glass shades. The majority of the glass shades are frosted. What I took down was frosted glass. I remember when I loved them – when that was a new look. Now it's not as new and I wanted to freshen up the fixture. I decided to go old school – the skinny clear glass shades with the grooves (bottom row, far left).



I LOVE it!


20 thoughts on “Painting my light fixture…

  1. I love it Becky! Hummm, those old sconces in MY living room could use a paint-lift too! I’m already thinking about colors…


  2. now I knew that once you posted the idea it would not take long for you to achieve it. It looks amazing and is very you…
    No grass grows under you that is for sure. Lots of ambition


  3. Excellent job! Bringing a new look to an old item is always satisfying. I bet it didn’t even take very long. Now beware…this could domino into other make-overs in the room!


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