The other quiilts are in…

…for the World Series Challenge benefiting the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative. All eight quilts look like the quilter who made them. Remember as you look at these that they are all 16" x 16"!

Ricky Tims's entry is very convergence-y:


Mary Sorensen's applique is flawless…


Sue Nickels' (who is on my team) has made an even more amazing whole cloth entry:


Hollis Chatelain's finished quilt is haunting and amazing (she's on my team too):


And John Fllynn's quilt, quilted, is even more stunning (luckily, he's on my team too. Or I should say that I'm on John, Sue, and Hollis's team!):


I've shown Caryl Fallert and Judy Mathieson's quilts on the blog already. Trust me, you'll probably see them again before the auction.

Click here to go the link to the Challenge home page. The idea here is to raise funds to Alzheimer's awareness. The smaller part of the challenge is the actual 'challenge' part. I admit to being just a little competitive – I would love it if my quilt raised the most money! So save your pennies and buy my quilt quilt for the most money (how's that for a naked appeal for your money!). Here's my quilt (which you've seen before and will see again). Read more about my entry here.

WhenIAmEmpty-01 copy 

You can go here and vote for your favorite quilt. Every vote is a dollar and every vote (and dollar) counts.

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