Visited the coast…

We drove from Canberra to the coast – about 2
hours away. We crossed some mountains and the roads were as winding and steep
as many I’ve been on in Colorado. At Murramarang we found a friendly group of
what I think are kangaroos (as opposed to wallabies which.

Wallaby-03 copy 

I saw what looked like a dandelion on steroids.
On closer inspection I realized that it had spikes on the leaves – lots of
them! I dubbed it the scary plant.

ScaryPlant-02 copy 

There were lovely sandy beaches and outcroppings of sandstone that have been carved by the sea.


The clouds in the sky were especially nice…

AustralianRanches-03 copy

On the drive out I saw what looked like some
sort of animal in the trees. They didn’t look particularly good, in fact they
sort of looked like scruffy stuffed bears. One resembled a gorilla. I asked
about them in Bateman’s Bay and found that there are, in fact, hundreds of
stuffed animals in the trees on highway 52 between Canberra and Bateman’s Bay.
On the way home I took photos…

BearsInTrees-01 copy 

Can you spot the bear?

BearsInTrees-02 copy

On close inspection you can tell that these have
been out there a while.

BearsInTrees-03 copy

3 thoughts on “Visited the coast…

  1. The folks I asked said they were mainly there to give kids something fun to look for on this drive. But I think that there are plenty of adults who enjoy them because its got to be adults putting the bears in the trees.


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