Bushwalk to Wentworth Falls

We went on an adventure! This 4 hour bushwalk (hike) at Wentworth Falls that included waterfalls and lots of stairs. It was beautiful! The air was crisp and we were out of the wind most of the day.

I found out before we set out that there was a strange storm at home with 80 mph winds that bent the pole that holds the shade over our pool. Thankfully it bent the pole and didn't pull the roof off. (Thank you Christopher for taking the shade down before more damage was done.) It's odd when this sort of thing happens when you are so far away that you can't do anything about it.

BeckyAndSteveAtWentworthFalls-01 copy 

See, we don't look worried at all, do we? We ran into 2 other hikers and managed to get some photos of the two of us together. Nice.

WentworthFalls-11 copy 

Lots of falls.

WentworthFalls-16 copy 

Amazing scenery.

WentworthFalls-30 copy 

Stairs. Up and down. Up is harder. I spent a lot of time focused on where my feet went. The stairs were actually good to look at. Carved out of the rock, they were lovely. In many places we stepped on blocks of stone – that was the path. Way cool.

WentworthFalls-36 copy 

We took this shot after walking up these stairs. It was good place to catch our breath. Great photo!

I posed on the rock below at the waterfall. I didn't get all the way on the rock because I kept wondering who would rescue me if I fell and broke my leg. It's hell getting old enough to worry about that sort of thing! I worried about my 'hat hair' and I'm happy to see that it's not so bad!

BeckyAtWentworthFalls-05 copy 

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