Material Obsession, Quiltsmith, and leaving Sydney…

We spent 4 1/2 days in Sydney. I taught a 2-day class to a very fine group of ladies at Material Obsession and I wrote a wonderful post about that experience – and my silly computer appears to have eaten it! Oh my.

I rarely have time in class to take photos but Kathy Doughty (owner of Material Obsession and a class participant) took some great shots and wrote wonderful things about the class on her blog. Click here to read and see.

It's really nice to make a good friend when traveling. I believe that Kathy is one. We had such a good time together. She took Steve and me on a beach walk to Bondi Beach. Here we are:

BeckyAndKathy-01 copy 

And here is one of the beaches we passed. Notice the surfers…

BondiBeachWalk-01 copy 

Real estate is valuable here and they use it all. Lots of windows are looking out at these great views of the water.

SydneyCemetary-03 copy 

We walked in a lovely seaside cemetery. Each grave was set apart with stone or concrete walls. In most cases more than one person was buried in each grave site. The headstones noted everyone below. Now, this may not be what anyone else would think but I think that is a great use of space.

I took some wonderful photos at Material Obsession. They were in the post my computer ate. I wanted to put the photos here but I cannot find them!!! There are days when my computer makes me a little cranky. So, please do go to Kathy's blog. She posted a second post about the class (click here) and in it you'll see bits of her wonderful shop and some of the fantastic quilts from her Tuesday class.

I gave a lecture on color at Quiltsmith in Annandale, outside of Sydney. The quilters in the room were easy to talk to and had a variety of interesting questions afterward. I enjoy giving this lecture because people tell me how much they get from it.

Melinda Smith, who owns this fine shop, gave me a treat – a package of Australian candy! There is a nice variety of flavors and Steve and I are enjoying them. I am supposed to be giving up sugar so that I don't have to take medication for high cholesterol so I'm trying to just have a tiny bite each day. Australian candy is different. It seems less sugary – but perhaps that's my wishful thinking.


I have a collection of candy wrappers from my previous trips to both Australia and New Zealand. I want to use them in a quilt, but haven't yet. These will be added to the group.

Steve spent two days in Sydney when I was teaching and he came back with some good photos. Here are a few:

Luna Park is visible from Circular Quay. It's even better when viewed from a ferry. Aren't those eyelashes something!

Luna_park_2 copy

The Opera House looks good from the ferry as well.

Opera_house_1 copy

This is a grevilia that he saw somewhere along the way. It reminds me a a woman's hairdo from the 50s.

Grevilia_2 copy 

And this is something I spotted on a sidewalk near the beach that seems perfect for a Friday post…

TGIF-Sidewalk copy

5 thoughts on “Material Obsession, Quiltsmith, and leaving Sydney…

  1. hi becky…just a note to thank you for our sydney class. i am in love with your applique technique! cant stop sewing. you have revitalised my love of this fun part of patchwork. come back in a few years and we can do it all again!


  2. Becky, I think you are right, Australian foods, in general, are less sweet than American foods.
    I traveled to the States back in 07, and really noticed how much sweeter everything was (even bread and other savory foods). I am a real sweet tooth, but in general, Australians have a tendency towards saltier foods – so our sweets are less sweet, and our savory foods are not sweetened.
    It looks like you are having a lovely time traveling – I know you are doing classes at Amitie here in Melbourne, (I so wish I could join one, but can’t afford it at the moment) so have a fantastic time here in Victoria.
    If you travel through Victoria at all, I recommend a visit to the town of Bendigo.
    Bendigo was a goldfield town – our gold rush came after the California one, and at the time Bendigo was the richest city in the world, so the architecture from that time is very impressive. Ballarat is similar, and slightly closer to Melbourne.
    Enjoy your travels


  3. Hi Becky
    I was in your colour lecture at Quiltsmith and thoroughly enjoyed your entertaining presentation. I am a trained colourist and have been designing for 18 months now but still came away with good information from your talk – thank you! Your insistence on the need for a design board resonated in my ears and it’s something I have wanted for so long but thought was unattainable due to lack of wall space. Luckily I have been able to source a free-standing 65″x65″ board and am SO happy- thanks for the prod!!
    Glad you enjoyed your time in Oz – see you next year??


  4. HI Vicki:
    Im happy to hear that what I said had meaning for you – and Im happy to hear that you have found a way to have a design wall. I know you are going to love it.
    Happy stitching,


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